Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Benifits of Positive Thinking

We are what we repeatedly do. So if you repeatedly think positive, Your life will become positive. Is your glass half-empty or half-full? How you answer this question may reflect your outlook on life. If you think positive, you will see only positive things around you. You will see only the good qualities in others and ignoring their faults. It will make your relationships healthy. What you have inside is what you see outside. Positive thinking will lead to positive actions. Only the positive actions will lead to positive results. There lies your success. Positive thinking helps you to easily achieve.

Another benefit is that it helps to get rid of from the stress. It is a feeling we have when under pressure. It affects us both mentally and physically. The following happens when we are stressed, Blood Pressure rises, Breathing become more rapid, Digestive System slows down, Heart rate rises, Immune System goes down, Muscle become tense and unable to sleep properly. Do you want all these?, think about it. Positive thinking will help us to cope with unpleasant situations in a pleasant manner. Some people will seek the help of cigarettes or alcohol in order to cope with it. The truth is that we don't need any external help if we really understood the power of our thinking. 

A negative thinker will only see difficulties everywhere. He is cursing the darkness with his closed eyes. Once you have opened your eyes you will see that there are many opportunities for you. You will understand that God created these difficulties so that you can grow.  More people will be attracted by your inner beauty. You will shine from inside. Bees will be attracted by the Honey. You are that Honey.

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