Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Love what you do is the secret of great works

Secret of mastering anything is to enjoy what you are doing. Even the smallest actions done from your heart, you will receive help from the divine. You may be wondering why there are such legends which you can't even dream of. They have no secrets they simply love what they are doing.  God is merciful to those who he found a struggling heart. Seek perfection in yourself but learn to accept the imperfections as well.  Do not do a slaves work. There is no life in it. We may forget the time passing while we are watching an interesting movie or while we are playing. Because we are loving what we are doing,  we are enjoying it.  If you are able to find this in every work you are doing you are attaining perfection.  You may say sometimes the clock ranged but I didn't heard it. Why? Because you are devoted to the work you are doing. You are actually enjoying it. Then you feel this enthusiasm. Giving the divine a chance to act upon you. 

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