Monday, 28 September 2015

Taste the meal you prepared before serving it to others

Everyday before going to bed spend few minutes for self examination. Point out the good and bad things which you have done in that day.  No one else can understand yourself better than you. The problem is, we never checked where we are.  So we don't know who we are yet.  So some bad words from other's can easily hurt us. If we really know who we are we don't need to worry about what other people speak about us. By constantly examining you can improve a lot. If you are about to commit the same mistake again, think about it. But do not pull back yourself. An unexamined life is not worth living. Taste the meal you prepared before serving it to others.
       You may commit mistakes but that's part of life. It's life's way to teach us new lessons. But if you can get rid of from repeated mistakes there you are winning. Life teaches us great lessons which cannot be found in the books. Everyone may get a unique experience each day. If we are willing to learn from it, we are winning. We are mastering ourself. It is easy to defeat other's but it is difficult to win ourself. If you have done any good things appreciate yourself. If you could note it down in your diary you can see the wonderful transformation of your character as it proceeds. Then you will be proud of yourself. These are some simple things, but have great impacts on our lives. You will become more positive. It is same as if we were looking at the mirror. We don't want someone else to tell us that we look ugly. We take a bath to clean our body, here we are cleaning our own mind.

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