Sunday, 27 September 2015

Self-worth comes from one thing - thinking that you are worthy.

Most of us has thought of this at least once in our lives. Why am I alive? I'm a useless fellow. When you failed to perform in something or when someone blames you for something you may feel you are useless. This will lead to depression as well. But understand that you are worthy even if no one recognizes it. A diamond which is lost in the forest is still a diamond even if no one recognizes it. It may be covered by the mud and people will think it is a stone and ignores it. But it is still a diamond. When the time comes someone will realize its value. Do not degrade yourself if someone is not able to see your worth. We all are that diamond which will reveal itself one day.

The greatest lessons that we can learn about life are hidden in the nature. Even if we crush a rose, it still gives its fragrance to our hands. It doesn't feel it's useless. There is a purpose behind every lives. Even if no one is praising a tree it will still give its fruits. It never feels useless. When a child learn to walk and when he falls, he never quits and doesn't feel anything bad about it. He keeps on trying and finally will learn to walk. If he quits he will never learn to walk. We all have passed this stage in our life. We all are capable of doing things until we succeed. But we have forgotten our own values. Who will remind us then?

People will appreciate a candle only when there is darkness. Even if no one notices the candle, it is still a candle and it has it's purpose. When the darkness comes people will realize it. If you would like to be praised for your actions you must be ready to face the blames as well. If you know your worth you won't be affected by neither praise nor blame. If you never knows your value how can you expect others to?. Think of it. If you lead a purposeful life then you are acting as an instrument in the hands of God to make the world a better place.

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